Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jessee to the rescue!

Thank God! Jesse friggin' Jackson is going to take on big oil companies. As you may know, Exxon's outgoing president got a FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR parachute. Yea. I know.. oil speculation dictates the price .. blaah blaah blaah. But I am sorry if you can do that then your margin is too high. If your profits last year were 36 billion bucks (the most of any company in history), then you can NOT justify what you are doing as though it is dictated by the increased price of oil. Bullshit.
But it is okay. Jessee is going to make it right. He is going to take on oil companies because they are getting fat at the expense of our nation's economy. Wait... What?
Oh, I am sorry. I guess all of that stuff I just said does not matter. It seems that Jesse is going to take on big oil because there are not enough minorities involved.
They are going to buy stock so they can attend meeting and have a say in what happens.
NOTE TO JESSEE: If people wanted to buy stock and have a say they could have. But they don't. Why? Because nobody gives a shit and more importantly, you are the only one with enough money to buy enough stock in companies to make a difference. But the fact that you can tells me that you are just like big oil.
You are getting rich and fat, and while you can kid yourself all you want, you are hurting this country.
Dumb ass.

-I am just guessing that the doctor that is working on this pill is a guy.

-This guy is playing the Mario soundtrack on an 11 string bass. I could do that too, but I don't have an 11 string bass. Show off.

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Suppose there's some tension in that neck? Yikes!!!