Monday, May 28, 2007


Memorial Day. I have today off and actually don't have to go back until Thursday. Whoot.
I was mowing the yard the other day and looked up and saw an Infinity pulling up in front of our house. It was Stove and Kim. Good to see them.
I am working on the shop over the vacation. Got some cabinets done and that helped get some crap off of the floor.
Mary and I are going out for dinner tonight. 19 years ago today we were married. Sheez. That is hard to believe. She is one lucky gal!
Some people are better at ripping off Apple then other people are. Ripoff #1 Ripoff #2

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Ranger Rick said...

Happy 19th the two of yoose guys. The couple that peddleboats together stays together... or something along those lines !