Saturday, May 05, 2007


Mary and I went to the old house to check out the sidewalks. Part of selling the house was that we had to have 2 squares replaced (per the city). We have money in escrow for it and have been waiting for the guy to get it done. We got there and the first thing I noticed was that the Habi-crap for Humanity house had a mowed lawn and our old house did not. Kind of a switch.
When we got to one of the sidewalk squares we saw that the kids from the 'hood had written in it. I expected to see a date, or perhaps some kid's name. But not "TINA ASS BITCH" and FUKE YO"
"fuke yo"? I guess that just confirmed why we moved out of there. Not only are they distructive assholes, but they can't even spell. Thank you, Iowa City for importing all of the trash from Chicago. Great plan.
In the paper, somebody from the school was saying how 1/4th of all kids eat free now. That means they get free breakfast also, even though mom gets food stamps to pay for food at home. He mentioned that there are special needs for these kids and that they must be taken care of. But he assured us that they were not taking away from the other (tax paying) kids.
BULLSHIT. You mean to tell me there is an endless supply of money and they just buy whatever they need? No. It came from somewhere.


stove said...

Wow. Iowa City. Giant university. Hippies. More arts than you can shake a stick at. Whoda thunk?

Matt said...

Sounds like there are several canidates for retro-active birth control in your old neighborhood.

Leo said...

Thank you, oh mecca of the midwest!!