Thursday, March 19, 2009


I had to run to the store today. As I was going there I watched a few people. There was a construction site and about five guys were standing outside the workzone with a big sign saying, "RON AND TIM NEED TO PAY THEIR CARPENTERS MORE". Then as I was coming home I drove by the Liberty Tax guy on the corner. Today's Liberty Tax guy was an older Mexican guy standing there looking silly in his costume. He was smiling and waving at cars and looked like he was happy to have a damn job. Talking to him was a guy with a sign saying how he was out of work and wanted me to give him money.
I would have loved to stopped and given the Liberty Tax guy $5 and told him that if / when we get through these hard times, it will be people like him who make it happen. And I am not sure of the details about Ron and Tim's construction company, but I don't think too many people driving by had any sympathy for them. If Ron and Tim don't pay enough, then why don't they take their hammers and go make twice as much somewhere else? Oh, wait. That is right.
Anyhow, I have the day off and have been ripping boards down to make an end table to match the coffee table I just got done.
I came across this video today. It has been around for a while but I forgot how funny the ending of it is. Here ya' go.

HERE is a rather interesting and amusing interview with Geddy.

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