Wednesday, March 11, 2009

coffee table... so far.

Got home from work today, changed into old clothes and headed for the shop. I am working on a coffee table and matching end tables for the "new" room. I have to get that done before i can move on to the wall unit thing. It is taking a lot of time because I am using recycled oak flooring that I got off of Craig's list. The good part is that I am recycling *weee* some wood and I think it will really be beautiful when it is done. The bad part is that it takes a lot more time to sand and glue up each panel, and you have to think up ways around problems caused by the flutes cut out of the bottom of each board. I got the bottom shelf glue-up done and dry fit it today. That worked out really well. Here it is, now leave me alone. I have work to do. (click on image to expandify it)
EDIT: just to be clear, this is a dry fit, not finished, and, yes, the ends of the top will be trimmed.

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