Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well we got about 2" of snow today. It won't be messing us up too much, but is really kind of a downer when you are waiting for spring to .. well.. spring.
HERE is an amazing collection of cars. About the time you think they are done, they go into another room. I could name most of the cars, but not all of them. I guess that not everyone in Michigan is broke.
Got the last of the 3 tables done today. *whew* Here is a picture if you don't believe me. The third one is actually not in this picture, but it is mostly behind the couches in the corner of the room. It is pretty much like the one on the right, but a little bigger. It is nice to have taller tables so you can just reach over and set stuff on them instead of having to set stuff down behind the arm of the couch. Also the lamps are high enough now that they are useful.

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Armpit Studios said...

It's Dickie Lee's Nova! Sorta. :) Love that green 'Vette around 4:09. Didn't that guy that worked at the hardware store have one like that? I remember it had the grills on the gills, like that.