Tuesday, March 17, 2009

table is finally done

I just got home from work and it is 75 degrees! I am on the screen porch right now with the dog at my feet and the MBP on my lap. It's all good here.
We brought the table inside last night. I took it up to the garage to put 3 coats of poly on it since it was really nice out. That was a treat.
Don't know if the pictures show it, but there are pinned mortise and tenons in the legs. That was a first and pretty fun to do. The drawers are box joints. I used the jig I made a while back and they came out really great. All in all it was a pretty good project, but it took a long time because of all of the sanding and edge joining of all of the oak flooring to make the panels and to glue up the 2x2 legs. I need to go down and start sanding some more stuff to make the 2 matching end tables, but it is waaaay too nice out here.

When I was at work I got some really bad news that makes you stop and re-think things. A lady that used to work with us retired years ago. Nice, funny lady. I met her husband at a few cook outs that we used to have back in the day and he seemed nice also. They were in Mexico on a tour bus today and it got hit by a truck. It killed him and she is in a Mexican hospital as we speak. I felt horrible about it. It also made me think how things can just suddenly change with seemingly no reason.
So enjoy today. Sit on the porch when you should be sanding boards, or whatever it is that makes you happy. Do what you need to do, but make sure you also do what you like to do.
Like taking goofy pictures of yourself with your computer.


Armpit Studios said...

Very nice. And you can play tiny games of pool in the drawers. :) Cool rug.

Leo said...

I was doing some deck sitting myself yesterday afternoon. Just me, the dog, the cat, about 50 birds, and a squirrel, that irritated the dog to no end.

It was glorious.

Ranger Rick said...

Brent, that nice, funny lady and hubby live/lived around the corner from me and Pam(THE FED). She brought this to my attention after delivering their mail the day of the accident! Hits close to home on many levels,no?
Ranger Rick