Sunday, March 15, 2009


Well i spent the day fixing my stupidity. I am working on the coffee table from hell this weekend. I worked out how to mount the top and allow for expansion. I was not sure about how I was going to make the bottom shelf, but thought it would be plywood or else slats. In the end I decided to make a solid shelf of edge glued flooring. I got it all glued up yesterday. The mortise and tenons fit nicely. I drilled and pinned them and that went well. I was sanding off the bottom shelf when it hit me.... *DUH* I did not allow for expansion of the bottom shelf. Today I worked on the box joint drawers and got them pretty well done and then I took a chisel and broke the joint between the bottom stringers and the bottom shelf. That made me sick. I then put a trim piece over the top of the ugly-ass mess to hold the shelf in place and let it move when it wants to. All in all not a fun day.
I like to look through Britain's Got Talent videos once in a while because you never know how they are going to turn out. Here is a good example:

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