Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday: Me. A screen porch. A Diet Mt. Dew. A Mac Book Pro. AAAAAH.
Mary will be home in about 15 min and we are going to go to Okaboji Grill for dinner to celebrate the kids both getting on the honor roll. I will have an All American Burger. 14 oz. of REALLY good beef on a bun. OOOOH. I just saw their menu on line and I see that they added bacon to the All American. Because it was not excessive enough. :-) Mary will get a steak and Alex will get THE best chicken strips around. Tim will have a burger like mine. We will all be very happy.
Last I heard the weather is supposed to turn on us and we may have snow so I came home and finished up sanding and trimming the top of #3 table and put some stain on it and then I thought I better take a few moments to enjoy this moment.
That is all. Enjoy the weekend.

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Armpit Studios said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that the Scam-wow dork did that. It's not like anyone would take one look at or one listen to that guy and go "oh, he's a nice young man," so this should surprise no one.

BTW, I think I'd try the parmesan pepper turkey burger if we had an Okoboji Grill. And how come none of their locations are really near Okoboji?