Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have the day off. Gotta work this weekend.
I am listening to chickenfoot and so far I like it.
I was on Gizmodo reading the comments after a video of a cop tazering a 70 year old woman. Some say she deserved it as she was not obeying the cop. Some said it does not matter that she was old. The guy who shot up the museum was 80. Personally I think it does matter that she was old. If you are a cop and you can't restrain a 5 foot great-grandma by grabbing her wrist and turning it, forcing her arm behind her back, then you need to be retrained or look elsewhere for work. It does matter how old she is when you decide to run 30,000 volts (or whatever it is) through a person's body.
I digress. Here is the comment that I thought was so funny:
Neither you nor the cop know if she was armed or not at the time. She kept trying to get back in her vehicle. Kids in Texas have gun racks on their Big Wheels.

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Anonymous said...

Ummm...not to be picky, but the shooter was 88 years old.

- Mrs. Otis