Thursday, June 25, 2009


well here I am on the porch again. It is really hot out here but I just got done helping dan dig post holes for his deck addition. It is too cold inside to go on right now. I need to cool down first
I a
typing this ony iPhone and takes a while. I getting better. A couple of the apps are amazing. This takes too long so I wp add more when I am on the MacBook later

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Armpit Studios said...

Hey, you got the phone. Cool beans. Even though I hardly ever use my cell phone, I might get one as my next one when my stupid RazOr dies. I hate trying to find someone in that address book because you can only type the first letter, and from there you just keep hitting *down* until you get there. It'd be so much quicker to just tap right on the letter and then flick through them.

Strangely, the word verification word I have to enter below is "phoun".