Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Behold.. the power of google..
Yea, I have the day off and am just surfing around this morning a bit before I decide what I am going to do with my day. I don't really have any big projects in the works and it makes me feel restless to not either be working on something or thinking about it.
I watched the trailer last night for Xbox's interactive-controller-free interface that they are working on. When I first read about it I though it was a dumb idea. 1. you need to have some kind of controller to signal things like shooting and to access different functions of the game. 2. It is is Microsoft. But after watching the trailer I have changed my mind. It is actually a REALLY dumb idea. HERE
Stove and I play Forza2. It is a wicked cool racing game on the xBox. HERE is a trailer video for Forza3 which has been confirmed for an October release. It has a crazy 450 cars available and 100 tracks to run on. It is going to use a new engine to deliver 60 fps of really nice video. The thngs I like are:
*In cockpit view with all mirrors working
*More realistic crashes with roll-overs and such.
*A video editor.
There are some other nice things about it too. Hope they deliver all of it.
More screen shots and such HERE

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Armpit Studios said...

I hope they add Monza to Forza 3. I miss driving that track from Total Immersion Racing. And Talheimring, a fake track that was a blast to drive. The mountain road tracks in the F3 preview looks really fun. Hopefully I won't have to drive it by holding my arms up in the air and having the whole family lean from side to side. Why do all Microsoft promo videos look so friggin' gay?