Monday, June 29, 2009


Really nice day here. Gotta love it. Early dinner, then deck buildin' with Dan.
THIS is the best dog costume EVER!!!!

Mary sent me an article from the newspaper today. There is a little market by where we used to live. It was called T&M but recently was changed to "creekside market". They were broken into a while back. They caught the kids that did it. They both live about a block away from where we used to live. I remember one of the kids since our kids started school with him. He stood out because he was so damn big.
I was just looking through the police reports to find it and I see that somebody was held up at gunpoint. They said they had no money so the guy hit him with the gun. Police found the clothes the perp was wearing ditched in the Broadway area. Go figure. You can imagine the description of the perp, but I won't say it because I would be profiling and we here in Iowa City believe that EVERYONE is good and everyone deserves to have a home and everyone... blaah blaah blaah.

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Those darn Jews, always thuggin' around.