Sunday, June 01, 2008


I worked today and then when I got home, I dug up the ton of dirt that I have been stashing beside the house since last summer. It looked really bad. I was able to get the truck in between the houses so I did not have to shovel it 2x and that was better. I hauled it down to Riverside to Farmer Tom's farm where he had some washout that needed filled. It looks so much better. I felt bad about leaving it like that, but I was always digging up dirt for different things, and then sometimes I would need some and go take it. Glad it is done.
-Just when you thought you had seen the most tacky bastardization of an old car, something like a Harley V-twin powered Model T shows up on eBay. Click here to see it and bid away. Unless you are Ranger Rick.

-This, however is kind of cool. A guy in Lithuania sculpts cars using that foam stuff you use to fill cracks around windows. I assume he fiberglasses over that, but it did not really say. If you follow the "original foam car" link, it will show him working on it.

-"something came up into the ass of Timo" Greatest line ever in auto racing even before the "fist" gesture.

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stove said...

The main problem with the Harley-power T is that it's 100% obvious that the guy is trying to build a rat rod, but he just doesn't get it. Just because you leave it in primer and put in a spider web grill doesn't mean it's cool. Everything was done with care - like the upholstery - and that makes it look stupid as hell.