Monday, June 02, 2008


This woman probably got stuck on a stalled escalator also.

THIS is pretty cool. Lets you wave your CDs in front of your iSight camera on your Mac and it reads the bar codes and catalogs them.

I had the day off. So I thought I would go to Menards and get the lumber I need and start working on the screen in under the deck. On the way there, there was an airplane crash on the highway and it was closed. I had to stop, naturally, and see it. It was so odd. The plane was sitting right beside an apartment complex and just short of skidding into a gas station. The sad ending to the story is that a mom had brought her young daughter to Iowa to have surgery. They were leaving Iowa City when it happened. The mom and pilot lived, but the little girl did not. Talk about a really sad irony.
So I get to menards and it takes me forever to find stuff. Then I finally check out. Then I have to go find all of the assorted lumber. Nobody there knows where stuff is and they kept sending me all over. Also when I bought the carsiding, I told the kid that I forgot to see how wide it was. I asked if there was more then one size. He said no. So I go out to where the guy said it was, and it was not there. So I ask another guy and he says it is inside. So I go inside and find the another guy and he takes me to where he thinks it is. It is not there. So another kid comes along and shows me where it really is. But there are THREE sizes. Naturally I have purchased the wrong size. I would have gone back to see what I needed if the kid had not said there was one size. So I go back to the counter and they say that they can't refund it, I have to go to the front counter. So I go there and get refunded. I look at the ticket and he did not even sell me carsiding. It was some 4" tong and grove stuff. AARG. I left for Menards at 11:00 because it was pouring rain up until then. I got home at 3:30.
That was my whole day. I hate the new Menards store.

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