Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well we went racing today. We saw the Indy cars in Newton. The race was not bad, but they still can't really pass for some reason. The great thing about Newton is that we can usually get out of there and home in no time at all. Today we left right after the race. We did not stop at the bathrooms or to get a drink. We got to the car and pulled out. Then we sat in the same spot for about an hour. We were about 1/4 mile from the exit, but it took 1.5 hours to get there. IT SUCKED. Also, I went to get sodas for the four of us. They only have coke (yuck) so I bought four of them. $14 for four sodas, and they were hot. That pissed me off. Later the beer guy came by and they were selling tall boys of beer for $5. They were cold, so I did not mind paying that. But $14 for hot coke products is just wrong. When we were waiting in line for hot sodas I realized that the metal militia was there jumping on the infield. I missed much of it, but caught a few jumps. A few years ago a flip was a huge deal. Now.. not so much. I was above them when I shot these photos so you don't really get a sense of how high in the air they really are. I was more impressed with that then the indy car guys, sorry to say.


stove said...

My brother was there too. Did you see him? ;)

Leo said...

It's too bad you had a bad experience. I think they were working on the traffic flow issues...evidently not enough, eh? The drivers seemed to like it, judging from the newspaper interviews today. You didn't stay for BOC?