Thursday, June 05, 2008


Tomorrow looks to be fun. I am the only supervisor in the morning, so I will probably go in at 4:30 and start early. The good part is I will probably be done by 1:00 and might get something done tomorrow. That is assuming it does not rain. I just saw the extended forecast and it is supposed to rain every day during the next week except Saturday. Cripes. Enough man. The Res is already full and they need to let some out.

-GRID is a new driving game. I just looked quickly at the site, but the damage simulation is really amazing. Stove needs to get this. :-)

-In case you have not heard the rumors, Apple is expected to release the second iPhone on Monday. I don't know why, but I am really curious to see it. Rumors have that it will be 3G and probably GPS. Just wonder what else they cooked up for it. I wish they would let you turn it sideways and type on it that way. The keyboard would be lots bigger. I don't know why I care. I won't be getting one. Just like to follow the evolution.

-Here is a funny new twist. The Eye-Fi card is a SD card that has WI-FI built in. (pretty slick) It uploads your pictures to your computer or to a server like Picasa or whatever you use. This lady had her camera stolen on vacation. She gets home and her pictures had uploaded. The crook was good enough to take a picture of himself, which also was uploaded. She got her stuff back.

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stove said...

Goddamn. GRID does look nice. Hopefully it doesn't let people starting thinking "I can just flashback" when driving for real. :)