Monday, June 23, 2008

last day of vacation

Got quite a bit done today. Had to go to Menard's and waste time there telling them how to do their jobs again. Every damn time I go there that happens. Today I needed two six foot 2x6's. Instead of ordering them from the desk and driving out to get them, I went to the yard and picked them. I did that because their lumber can be really crappy and if the six footers were crappy I would buy one 12 foot instead. They did not suck and they were on sale. So I carried them the 2 miles back into the store and got to the register and paid. As I got to the truck I did the math and they charged me too much. I thought at first that they had not charged the sale price, but as I was walking in, I remembered that one of them was about 3/4" longer then the other. AAAh. This has happened to me before. They take crappy long boards and cut off the crap and sell it as a shorter board. That is fine, BUT TAKE THE DAMN TAG OFF OF THE END! The kid that rang it up scanned the (wrong) sticker twice. So I went in and told the little girl what had happened. She did not understand so she got another little girl. After 3 times of explaining it to her, she finally got it and refunded the difference. I asked her to pass that along because it has happened to me before. If I had been buying 30 boards or whatever like I usually do, I would have not noticed so I wonder how often it has happened. The other day I bought some 30" aluminum powercoated spindels. I swear they said they were on sale in the yard. I needed about 20 or 25, but I just grabbed a whole box since they were on sale. There are 35 in a box. So... I take my stuff up to the little girl and she is ringing it up. I noticed that she scanned the box of 35 spindles and it rang up as $1.60. I told her that there are 35 of them in there and she gave me that blank stare. I told her that it is 35 TIMES $1.60. "oh!" She got it. Well then my bank card did not work. CRAP. So I push all of this plywood and 2x6's and spindles off to the side and get in the truck to come home and get Mary's card. Then she calls me and tells me to put it on the credit card. So I turn around and go back. Time is wasting. I go back in and push my big cart full of plywood and stuff back over to another little girl. She rings it up and I pay for it. On the way to the truck I realize that it was about $120 this time and the first time it was about $170. DAMNIT! Another little girl had done the same thing. By this time I was SICK of being there and wanted to go home. I had tried to do the right thing, and so I just went home. I understand that these little girls don't know shit about construction. I don't blame them. They are working and that is a good thing. But even if you don't know ANYTHING about construction or plumbing, or electrical stuff, you would know that NOTHING in Menard's in a box that size could possible cost $1.60.
So anyway, here is where we are as of today..

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matt said...

I had a similar thing happen at a Hardware Hank. I bought a box of 24 paper filter masks for sanding. They were a 1.19 each. I'm always using them so I grabbed the whole box. The lady rang it up and I said, "I think that's" per. She said, "nah it's the whole box they're just paper". Okelee dokelee then.