Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back to work.

I had to work today and when I got off, I really did not feel like doing much. Here are some photos of what has gone on so far. There is a new walkway from the 2nd deck to the lower patio. There is steel under the top deck to keep the patio dry. And a photo of Crosby sitting on the new furniture for the lower patio. He thinks that we bought it for him. Tomorrow I hope to get the wood to start framing in the lower patio and screen it in. On the side of the house is a big pile of dirt that I dumped there and it looks really bad. I might try to load it into the truck and haul it out if it stays dry. It has been raining every day and up until now it was a pile of mud. HERE are all of the photos of the project so far. BTW... Yes, Stove, those are box joints on the flower boxes. :-) Also: the 2x4 that is between the posts is just there to keep the dog from running through the flowers until the wall is built.

1 comment:

stove said...

Box joints on flower box. You are one sick sonovabitch. :)

I think you bought the exact same chairs as our neighbors. The armrest curve looks the same anyway.