Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I saw another video by this guy about a year ago. This one is even more impressive.

We went by the vet's office today. We still owe $270 for them killing.. I mean .. treating our dog. We have already paid over $500. Mary wrote them a letter telling them that we were not going to pay the rest because they mis-diagnosed our dog. My biggest problem with the whole deal is that they gave him his normal shots when he was in there. Mary asked him if that was okay to do and he said that it was. Later when we found out what he had, she looked it up and found out that was the worst thing you could do. When Bentley was dying I asked the vet if that was part of the problem. I knew he could not admit it, but wanted to see what he said. He said, "it probably could have had something to do with it". I took that to mean "yea, I screwed up but I can't admit it so I will put in a bunch of qualifiers in my statement". Dr. Douchbag called Mary at work and she tried to talk to him about it. He took a really snotty tone with her and she hung up on him. She was still upset about losing Bentley and did not want to go into All Pets Vet Clinic because it was still pretty hard on her so I went in. They made me wait 15 min. until all of the people had left the office before another vet came out. I told them that I wanted Bentley's records. She said they could not until I paid the bill. I told them that we assumed that might be the case. I told her that we were not going to pay it, and were advised not to talk to them, but we would be in touch within 7 days. I also gave them Mary's email address and asked the vet to tell Dr. Douchbag that if he wants to talk to her he should use that e-mail and not call her at work anymore with a snotty, condescending tone.
One of the advantages of working for a law firm is free legal council. I want to know if we should approach it like this: Tell them we will not sue their asses if they drop the rest of the bill. They will be getting off cheap, really. I think that just like when he carefully qualified what he said before, they don't want to let part of the bill slide because they would be admitting they screwed up and we would sue their asses. At this point that is the last thing we want. Mary paid part of the bill, but not others because they were mis-handled. If we wanted to sue them or just wanted to not pay, she would not have done that. We will see I guess.

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