Saturday, May 17, 2008


Spent the day working on the walkway around the bottom deck. The mower crapped out and so I can't use the wagon to move a bunch of dirt out of there, and move the ton of good dirt I have in the back of the truck to the back yard. I have to change the elevation in some places and fill the new flower boxes. I can't get parts for the mower until Monday, so tomorrow is kind of a wash.

-Here is a very clever (and obvious) solution to an age old problem.

-Here is a site that will tell you things that are younger then John McCain. Isn't the net wonderful.

-Here is a video of a guy loading a bobcat into a truck. Does not sound hard, but watch how he does it.

-Well that did not take long.... Somebody made a rap re-mix with the Bill O' segment I posted earlier. I must admit I really like it.

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