Wednesday, October 03, 2007


First off.. I gotta say the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is just the biggest friggin joke around. Grandmaster Flash got nominated this year. If I remember correctly, RUSH, Stevie Ray, and Genisis are not it. But Donna Summer is. Somebody could say (incorrectly) that SRV played blues not R&R. But Donna Summer was DISCO! Disco tried to kill rock and roll. So letting her in is like saying that Lee Harvey Oswald was a great president.

I had the day off and got the underneath done on the deck. That turned out well.


stove said...

Grandmaster Flash? WTF?

Don't forget to grab a pair of pliers and remove all those damn stapled-on tags from the ends of your boards. That looks nice under there. Good mud prevention, since no grass will grow under the deck.

Leo said...

Here, here!!

Crock Hall of Fame most likely. What a bunch of idiots.