Monday, October 01, 2007


I did not feel so good today and barely got through work so I did not work on the deck today. Yesterday I got a lot done. I got some of the carsiding on the front. I got the tin back up under the old part of deck2 to shed the water off. Then I dug under the extension of deck 2 and put left-over 2x6 in channels I dug. Then I poured some concrete under them. They will be like joists for the decking under deck2. I saved the old decking off of the original deck and am going to use it for under there. I was not sure why I saved it, but I thought it might be a good idear. I have Wed. off from work and hope to get some landscaping done that day. (click picture to enlarge it)

Here is a short funny clip. I think a now ex-employee cued up the wrong video.

Kevin Everett News Mix Up - Watch more free videos


stove said...

So it's probably nice being up there away from all the bugs, eh?

Matt said...

That deck looks so nice. Good job!