Friday, October 26, 2007


I took today off from work so I could have 3 days to get the patio part of the project done. It went well. I needed some more sand so I headed out to S&D. The last 2 times I have gotten sand I told them to give me a load and they put .75 tons in. I have hauled a full ton in the Dakota before, so that's cool. Both times it cost $5.30. Today I got on the scale and the guy says it is almost $10.00. Wow. So I look at the ticket and the guy put in 1.4 tons of sand in my poor truck. I really thought 1/2 ton would be enough, but thought I would get 3/4 just so I did not run out. Now I have WAAAY too much sand and will have to find a place to dump it.
I had to drive to menard's to get some 3/4" PVC to use as spacers so I could screed off the sand. I did not feel like putting a strap on them on the back so they did not slide around. Instead I opened the window and passed them through. I have done that before and it just saves time. Well.. there was still sand in the bottom of the bed from the last load. I got up to speed and all of a sudden it started swirling in the back and all came in the window. DOH!
Our neighbor Marcia always brings us cookies. Today her husband saw me out shoveling sand and brought over a tray of spider cookies. They are funny looking and very good. Taste like Nestle Crunch bar.
I spent about 10 hours working on the patio today and got it about 1/2 done. But I had to make 2 trips to Menard's and one to the sand pile, plus pick up the kids. Tomorrow I don't have to do any of that so I should easily get it done tomorrow. Well.. maybe not easily. But it will get done.

-I love the show Scrubs. Here is a bunch of interesting trivia about the show. I found it because i wondered if "janitor" had a real name. He does not, btw. There is a lot of quirky stuff.. like this..
In the Season 4 episode "My Malpractical Decision" (409) Dr. Chris Turk, played by Donald Faison, changes his cellphone number to 1-916-Call-Turk. Unlike other shows and movies, this number is actually a valid number that most of the times will take your to a voice message telling you the latest info about "Scrubs" (2001). However, as the phone is placed on the set where Scrubs is being filmed, every now and then, people from the cast or crew answers the phone to have a word with whoever is calling.

-We Didn't Start the Viral
is a pretty well done. I am sorry to say I recognized most of them.


stove said...

Quick, Boy Wonder! Sand venturi, activate!

stove said...

Those cookies do look good.