Sunday, October 21, 2007

man i can be stupid..

Last week I went to Menard's and looked at patio blocks. The ones I wanted were on sale for about a buck off. Score!. I need about 150 of them. I talked to the guy to see how much it would cost to deliver them. $40. Naw, I don't spend that for delivery. I am a man, damnit. So I loaded up 65 of them on the truck. Now I have loaded a full ton of gravel and stuff on it before and it took it fine. When I got those blocks on there it was REALLY saggin'. Got them home and unloaded them. I went back yesterday because I assumed the sale ended that day. They were not on sale. I guess I must have been there on Sat. last week and not Sunday, and THAT was the last day of the sale. I got 1/2 of the remaining blocks I needed and loaded them on the truck. I have to get one more load today. So by doing all of this work myself, I spent an extra $60 over what I would have spent buying them all on sale and having them delivered. Duh.
I have been using the riding mower to pull around a wagon. I haul tools back to the deck and cut off of it. The last week I have been hauling tons of dirt, rock, and soon sand. For some reason yesterday I thought, "I should check the oil in that thing". Then later I was loading some dirt in the wagon and smelled something. I looked up and it was smoking. CRAP. Shut it down and sure enough she was way low on earl. I put about 3/4 of a quart in and she runs fine. Can't beat an old Briggs.
Here is yesterday: Go to menards and get patio blocks. Unload blocks. Go to quarry and get one ton of rocks. dig up the yard some more so I can lay in the rock and then sand over that to accept the blocks. Moved the dirt I dug up over the to new flower bed. Dug a trench for the drainage tile. Then while I was doing that I threw on some of the big ass chicken fillet's that the neighbor gave us. Ate them and went back out with just enough light to mow the front yard. Then Mary and I went to Best Buy to look at TV's.
We are looking at a smaller TV for the living room. This one is just too big for the space. If we get a smaller plasma or LCD, it can go over the fireplace and the big one can go in the front room to mostly play XBOX and Wii on. That should be really cool. The 360 looks good on the tv it is hooked up to, but it is not HiDef. The big one is and it should look much better.
Today I need to work on the 2 hand rails. I want to get sand, but they are closed. So handrails it is. The reason I did not do them is because the code requires them to be a profile that is not like the rest of the deck rails and I want to keep that going all the way down. So I decided to make the rails the way I want and then I will screw on a piece of pipe to make it conform to code. When they leave I can take it off and go on with life.
I took tomorrow off from work so I can go out and get some sand and hopefully get some blocks laid. It looks like today will be another perfect day. Yesterday I had shorts and enjoyed the dry warmer weather.

-I liked this FARK tag: Two carjackers apprehended by police. From the mugshots, see if you can guess which one resisted arrest -LINK
Now leave me alone. I have too much to do to sit here chatting with you.

-HERE is a one of a kind car. 2002 White Chevy Mustang, auto. Dark Tint Windows Gray cloth seats, tires about a yr old, a/c gets cold fast, car is very reliable and great working condition. Non-smoker. 86000 miles Feel free to ask questions will send pics serious inquires only please.

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