Sunday, October 28, 2007


-First off... HERE is a great blog. He takes everyday objects and gives them simple arms and legs. No big deal. But they all have meaning and are doing different things and it makes it really cool.

I got the patio blocks done today. Now that I am done with it, I know how I would have done it if I knew what I know that that I am done with it. I also got the drain dug in. There is a pipe that is buried beside the patio. It catches the rain from the gutters on the house on that corner. Then as it passes the corner of the patio there is a "T" so that when I get the drainage under the top deck, it can tap into there. The pipe runs down the hill and empties into the yard. It will be nice to have all water taken away from the house.
I went to Menard's today. No, really. The new store opens Tuesday and they have everything 40% off. OMG. It was a zoo in there.
The only things left to do is a hand rail going up to the middle deck and put the carsiding on the part of the second deck. I had to get the blocks down first because the siding goes down to the lowest deck. It will look much better once you can't see all of the crap I have stashed under there.
Today we had about 150 geese in the pond. That is cool. They come over the house really low and land. We had a guest visitor though. It was a huge bird of prey that hovered around the pond looking for fish. He crashed down into the water 2 times and must have missed. On the third time he got a fish. It was really cool. My neighbors (the cookie lady) said it was an osprey. I grabbed my camera when I saw him. I had the big lense on it already. Cool. I got out there and I had let the battery go down. DAMNIT. That would have been so cool to try to get that shot. I will put one on from the web and you can pretend that I shot it.


stove said...

That all looks damn nice. What's next? Ha ha. I wonder if wasps or bees will live in the exposed ends of the flooring boards?

Leo said...

I second that comment. It looks great. Now, come down to my place and do it again.