Saturday, October 06, 2007

the DD&D diet.

Right before I started this whole deck project I found out that Diet Mt. Dew is actually quite good. I switched over. Well between the diet dew and spending every spare moment I have building on the deck, I have lost 30 lbs. as of Tuesday. I weighed in at 205 when I started this thing and I hit 175 a couple of days ago.

I have to work last this weekend, so I won't be getting a damn thing done. Yesterday I went to work at 4:30 a.m. Came home at 1:00 and started in on the deck. Picked up Alex at 3:30 and then came home and worked on the deck. Took Tim to the football game at 5:00 and grabbed some Mickey D's on the way home. Went back out to .. you guessed it. work on the deck. It started getting dark and I was out of wood, so I cleaned up they yard and shot a photo. Then I mowed the yard as the sun was setting.

That was a long day.
Here is a photo that is kind of cool. Lots of glowing apples. :-)

So this guy calls McDonald's claiming he is a cop and tells the manager that she should take an employee in the back and strip search her. She does. Then he tells her to bring in other people and watch her. She does. He tells one of them to have her jump up and down naked on a chair to shake anything out. They do. It goes on for over 3 hours. WTF? He has been calling these places for 10 years and people actually do it.
The manager gets probation, her boyfriend gets jail time and the guy on the phone... he gets off in several ways. This is wrong.
So they go to civil court and they sue McDonald's. McDonald's told the managers about these calls. So sue the manager. Oh wait... no money.. sue McDonald's. Everything about this story is just wrong.

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