Thursday, February 28, 2008


Used to be the Winston cup for decades. Then all of a sudden it was NEXTEL cup. That took a couple years to get used to. Then right when you do, NEXTEL and SPRINT merge and so now has the totally stupid name of "Sprint Cup". That would not be stupid if they raced SPRINT cars. But I wonder what it will be next year.
The last quarter Sprint/NEXTEL lost about 30 billion dollars. BTW that is more then the company is worth. Great merger there, guys.

We lost Boyd Coddington yesterday. That sucks.

I have been following the story of Unique Performance's self distruction. They got a lot of press for the cars they were building in TX. They were so restored that Caroll Shelby issued them a new VIN. Top quality-high dollar replicas of the Eleanor mustang from the (crappy) version of Gone in 60 seconds. JALOPNIK had a follow up on it and I found it funny and ironic. It was ironic that Unique was getting hit with 25 felony charges-one of which was title washing. Title washing was what the original Gone in 60' was all about. The funny part of the article was that JALOPNIK, a website devoted to all things cars, would use the term "VIN number". possibly replace valid VIN numbers

More snow tonight. Imagine that. One of the other assistant mangers already called me tonight and said he can't be there so it looks like I will be in tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. *ack* At least it will be Friday.

And finally.. This had to hurt.

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