Friday, February 15, 2008


So I was thinking last night.. Here is what somebody needs to do: Make kit cars that fit onto Cooper Mini frames and have them be scrunched up versions of real cars. Here is a photoshop mock-up I did of what a Viper would look like. But also think classic muscle cars of the years '69 and '70. How cool would that be?


stove, crusher of inspiration said...

Cool idea. Except Minis aren't built on conventional type frames are they? Aren't they monocoque/unibody? And I think your wheels are too big. :) If they're Viper-width tires in back, they just might clear the drive shaft and you'll have no place to sit. Nice job on the Photochop though, especially keeping it seamless where the wheel radii blend with the squished body.

Matt said...

Looks like an Opel GT.