Thursday, February 07, 2008


We got about another foot of snow yesterday. That should just about be enough. It was drifted about 3 feet deep at the bottom of the driveway and I was really not looking forward to shoveling it. My neighbor Scott came by with his blade and made short work of it. Damn it is nice to have good folks around.
I was leaving yesterday and the neighbors on the other side had gotten their car stuck in the drive. So I grabbed a shovel and we got them out. Shortly after that I found myself driving by my old neighborhood and thought I would stop in and say hi to the Kim's across the street. When I came around the corner an woman had gotten stuck in the road sideways. I could have made it by, but stopped since I had a shovel in the back. I got her dug out and was ready to push when a couple decided to drive right behind her and they got stuck. So we all dug them out. Then when they were free, they just kept going. What ass-hats. When I was driving home I saw a eagle (or falcon?) chomping on a bunny. Here is a photo I took.
-If you have been arrested 101 times in your life, you are probably never really going to amount to much.
-This is just TOO DAMN FUNNY. Look at THIS NEWSPAPER and see if you catch something odd. I will save you some time. It is not in the text, but the pictures.
-This is also funny. Go to Google's home page and type in "find chuck norris" and then hit the i'm feeling lucky button. Enjoy.


stove said...

That might be a Coopers Hawk or a Ferruginous Hawk. Parts of it look like both.

stove said...

I guess they don't pay very well for painting windows.