Monday, February 11, 2008

day off

Last night I was at work and about ready to close down when there was a crashing noise in the ceiling. I lifted a tile and found that the 2" main pipe for our fire suppression system had frozen solid and blown a big ass chunk of cast iron off of a elbow. So the 1" drops must be frozen also. DOH. Called security and they got in the firemen from coralville to shut off the pressure to that zone. That could have been a big mess. We had one break a few years ago and it sprays black crappy water all over the place. And this was right above our cash registers.
-Those nutty guys at Google. They have 1.56 kazillion photos in stock and need to label them. So they turn it into a game and let people do it for them. You are hooked up with a random guest and you are both shown a photo. You start typing in key words and you get points for the ones you match. They get tags for their photos. How great is that? HERE IT IS

-Here is a new lense from Adobe. Pretty funky.

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