Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I don't know if you know about the whole DIEBOLD voting machine thing, but it is quite amusing. It is amusing because we dealt with that company at work and they were a joke. The technician they sent to troubleshoot the hardware said that "we need to unsolder this transistor". Well, it was not a transistor, but a resistor and the fact that they flew this guy in to Iowa to fix anything scared me. It only got worse from there.
Anyhow, somebody figured out that they could write a virus and put it on one voting machine and it would send it across the network to rig all of the machines. DOH! So DIEBOLD sent them a machine to test it on. Then somebody noticed on their own website it shows a picture of the key that opens EVERY Diebold machine. So somebody went to Home Depot and made a key based on the photo that DIEBOLD provided the world. It worked.
Anyhow, that all leads up to this funny piece from the Onion

THIS PLACE has great prices on HDMI, TV mounts, and stuff like that.

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