Saturday, August 01, 2009


I spent the morning helping my neighbor on his deck. I went through and sanded the tops of the decking while Dan ran to the store to get some stain. We wanted to get it on before he left for Sturgis. We got that done and then he jumped on his bike and took off a bit late.
Later I took the boat out and did a little fishing. That was REALLY relaxing. I had my feet hanging over the boat in the water and caught a few small bass. Then at the end I hauled in a huge friggin catfish. They are not supposed to hit on the bait I was using, but this guy did not know that. He got all three hooks embedded really deep and there was no way I could get it out. I yelled at Alex, who was outside listening to her ipod, to get her mom. Mary called my neighbor Scott and he came out as another neighbor came by. We had to cut the bars off of the hooks to get him free. I don't take my phone in the boat on the outside chance I might fall in the water. I wished I had it with me so I could take a picture but we were mostly trying to get that bad boy back in the water in time. After I got back to the house I reached in my pocket and realized I had my camera with me for some reason. (duh) It was pretty cool though.

THESE THINGS are kind of cool and remind me of the band room in Keota High where we threw these things around and stuck them into the big wooden doors on the closets. That was not dangerous or stupid.

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Armpit Studios said...

Heh! Those hooks look dangerous and hard on clothes. I bet they sell like hotcakes.