Thursday, August 06, 2009

funny stuff

Mary sent me this video. It is funny because the Fox "reporter" is trying to tear this lady down, but she won't go. She has good answers for all of his "some people say" BS. So what does he do? He cuts her off for a breaking news story. That's right.. It is shark week(!) on the discovery channel. I really don't want to debate the good/bad of the cash for clunkers program at all, but all of that aside, you gotta admit this is pretty funny.

Mary also sent me a link to THIS STORY. Seems a group of about 30 youths were walking around in the street at night and a bunch of gunfire took place. If you are assuming from that account that it was a group of black youths probably imported from Chicago by our city, then you are indeed a RACIST!!! You are correct, naturally, but never the less YOU ARE A RACIST! This took place on the street that went in front of our house one block over.

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