Sunday, September 28, 2008


Only in Texas.....
Today I worked in the shop. I am rebuilding the downdraft table which is part of the outfeed table on the table saw. That is a lot of tables. It was not really laid out well for the new shop. I went downstairs to build a new router table and got sidetracked with this. I got most of it done, but now I have to drill about 600 holes in the top.
I made a jig a while back for making dados and got to use it a bunch on this project. I had a Tsquare setup before and it worked well but it was a pain because you had to clamp the square to the board and then put some clamps on the board to keep it from moving when you route it out. I made this jig so that it just clamps to the TS fence. Once that is done you can move the fence to set it for the width of the board to be cut (it is blue here). Then I can just slide the board under it and set one clamp. I can see exactly where it is going to cut by looking where the router bit cut on the jig. Cut it, remove one clamp, slide it down, set one clamp and go.
The blue board in the photo is one of 9 panels I got at UI surplus. They are 1.25" thick MDF panels with the same color gray laminate as my table saw and extension. They are 4x5 feet wide and weigh at least 90 lbs each. I got all nine for $20 :-) The blue stuff is the plastic covering the new laminate that will be removed when I am done.
My Bosch router has had problems with the switch for about 2 years now. About six months after I got it, the switch got funky. If I turn it on/off about 100 times I can get it to work. I FINALLY called Bosch and they sent me a replacement switch that is sealed so it won't suck up dust. When I was doing the dados on the shelves I had to unplug it and set it aside so I did not have to keep restarting it. Man I am glad to have that fixed.

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