Monday, September 15, 2008


So I am in the shop listening to the iPod and Weird Al comes on. The song is Genius in France. I am thinking that it is totally a zappa song. So I come up here and google it and sure enough it is a tribute to Zappa.

I am working on the shop of late. Trying to get the main part done. It will have the table saw in the middle. The outfeed table will also be a downdraft table with sanders stowed below it. There are drawers that hold sand paper and stuff. As you are facing the saw, if you look to the right, there will be a router table on the end. It is all one big surface so the dust from them wont get in between all of the equpment. I have some extra space beside the router table, and have not figured out what to do with that. I may put a cabinet with shallow drawers for had tools. I am not there yet, though.

If you are a retired F1 driver and you want to hear your cute wife yell at you in Italian, you could always take her out on the track with you for a nice drive. Funny stuff in any language.

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stove said...

Cute and a good sport about it.