Thursday, December 20, 2007


   Mary and I went shopping tonight.  She wants some jewelry and I wanted a watch.  Yea, a watch.  So I picked out a watch and she bought it.  Very nice Skagen watch with a steel band.  It is the first real watch I have ever owned and I am sure that when I open it up on Christmas I will love it.  We struck out on the jewelry thought so I think we will go on a bling run tomorrow.  Then we are (hopefully) done with shopping.
   -If you are a 57 year old guy appearing in court for the 14th time THIS YEAR and the 126th time since 1993... you may be one of those people who will just never get it.  

   -here are 10 fugly-ass attention whores.  Ewwww.

    and now I must sleep.

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