Sunday, December 16, 2007


EDIT: I FIXED THE LINK TO "THIS guy is having a really bad day"
I had to work today. A girl I work with had her toilet go nuts overnight and it flooded her house. So that motivated me to fix 2 of ours that have been acting up from time to time. Stopped by Menards on the way home and got a couple of kits and took care of that.
When I was there I saw some wireless ear-muff style headphones. They were only $15 and I thought there had to be a good use for them, but could not think of it. At dinner it struck me that it would be cool to wear them in the shop and plug my iPod into the transmitter. I am sure they are not the best at cutting out sound, but it should make a big difference and be much better then nothing which I what I usually use because it is a pain in the butt to take them on and off. Yea, I am lazy. So we went to Menards and Mary bought them for me for Christmas. She seems to know just the right things to get me.
Anyhow.. a couple of quick videos.
THIS guy is having a really bad day.
I thought this was funny. This poor guy gets invaded by internet cliches.
-HERE is a list of the worst band names of '07. Some are pretty funny.

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stove said...

I have the headphone ear cup type (non-music playing) and the foam ear plug type on a band. I use them depending on how loud and annoying the tool is. Miter saw definitely gets the headphones. I can wear those for extended periods and usually don't bother to take them off when I'm not using a tool, until the side of my head hurts from them pressing on glasses. The foam ones will compress after a while from the pressure of the band and make my ears sore, but they're easy to take off and just wear around my neck.