Saturday, December 15, 2007

how not to ..

How not to sell a coat on eBay. I was looking through eBay looking for a NY Rangers jacket for my son Tim. I found one and scored a great deal on it. But in the process I came across a listing with this picture. Now I believe that it is just common sense that when you sell a used clothing item on eBay, you should show it hanging on a hanger. People know they are buying a used item, but they don't want a visual of another person actually wearing it. But for God's sake if you are going to post a picture of your item being worn, DON'T put it on a creepy looking woman who looks like she is naked under the coat they want you to buy.

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stove said...

Yikes. Yes, I think I'd stay away from buying clothing that has rubbed against the bare ass of that woman, among other places.