Thursday, December 06, 2007


  Snow moving in today.  Looks like we may get a lot.  Such is life in Iowa.  
  Leo posted a picture of Amy Winehouse on his blog.  I added a couple of other photos that show the decay of a young woman strung out on success and meth.  Pretty sad.   You can see that weight loss, number of tattoos and loss of teeth all happen at a similar rate.  Hope she can get straightened out by the time the grammys roll around.  She is nominated for six of them.   That would be impressive if not for the fact that Kanye West is nominated for EIGHT of them, effectively eliminating any credibility that still associated with  that institution.  Hope that he sweeps them so that he does not have a hissy fit like he did when he was not picked at the MTV awards.

  -Seems Dodge has a hit on its hand.  6,600 folks put deposits down in the first couple days to secure their Challenger.  Pricing on the bad-boy R/T looks to be about $40K, so I guess there won't be one of them in my driveway soon.  

  -Looks like it is pretty easy to hook up your Rock Band PS3 drum kit into your Mac and use it to trigger Garage Band.   -LINK

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