Saturday, September 08, 2007

New wheels.

I started to work on the deck today but got sidetracked. Mary and I decided she needed some new wheels. I really like this little car. It is a Honda Cvic Si. It has 197hp and is really .. um.. peppy. It is kind of a cab-forward setup and there is quite a bit of room in it. It is black with a blue metalic fleck so it is a good thing I like to wash cars. It has a six speed manual tranny. That took a couple of minutes to get used to. Mary is happy. So we are all happy :-)

-The Emmy awards just got a big nod from me. The song "dick in a box" got a nomination! Now that is funny. Story here. Original video here

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stove said...

Shit! VTEC! DOHC! 4-wheel disc brakes! That ain't yer granny's Civic no way. Nice one.