Monday, September 10, 2007


I usually don't pay attention to this crap, but here is Britney "singing" at the VMA awards this year. If you have not seen it yet, it is worth checking out. Has she ever heard this song before? You will find better lip syncing at any slumber party. And the dancing is just sad. And those shoes!

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stove said...

What a cow.

Keep in mind that these talentless whores don't write their own songs, nor do they have much to do with what the final recording sounds like. So no, I doubt if she has heard the song very much. Brit has been much too busy living the life of a white trash hard partying insane bitch to take the time to care about what her songs sound like. She probably flitted into the studio for half an hour, recorded about 20 lines of lyrics, and left. Her producer then cut and pasted it into a Top 10 hit and will stay on the charts exactly 1 week.