Sunday, September 16, 2007

well that was fun

I took friday off so I could work on the door upstairs. I had to rip off the siding, and cut a bunch of seeting off of the house so I could run electrical. Well now it is Sunday and I am not done.
Last night I was working on it and Tim told me it was going to rain soon. I had siding and sheeting still off. I covered the side of the 2nd story with plastic. It worked. It was all dry this morning.
I had a ledge built over the stairs so I could get to the top of the house with a ladder on that ledge. But I could not replace the siding starting from the bottom because the ledge was there. So I had to start at the top and work backwards. If you have ever done that you know it sucks. You have to beat on it and make it lock in. And I put some more housewrap over the old because it was all beat up. But now I can't see the holes where the old siding was to make sure my spacing is right. Got that done though.
The door is a double door that hinges in the middle. It is heavy. My big neighbor came over Friday and helped me put it up on the top deck before I put the ledge up covering the stairs.
I got the door set today and got 1/2 of the siding on. The electricity is run. I am tired. So I go up to take a shower. There are blinds inside the glass. I go to close them and one of them DOES NOT FRIGGIN WORK. I don't know what I am going to do yet. I can't imagine trying to take it out and haul it back down the stairs and cart it across town with it hanging out the side of my truck and then bring it home and doing it all over again. I am too tired to be pissed off.
There were handles screwed to the frame, but they are long gone now. I don't think we can haul it down without them.
Hell. I am going to bed. Back to work tomorrow.

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