Sunday, July 22, 2007

well I give up.

Mary is on the board of the home owner's assocation. The pond looks like crap covered with algae. We need to do something about it. The board has been talking about doing something for a while, but nothing got done. Mary and I both spent a fair chunk of time reading up on it on the 'net. She found the Iowa Pond Guy and had him over. He suggested we get the aeration system that they had been talking about, except it was going to cost a lot less then they had been quoted by somebody else. So the plan was to get electricity run out to the pond to power it and then we would have him install it. But there was not enough money to buy the thing and pay $1600 for an electrician to run the wires. But we needed to get it done. So the president set out to get the electrician up the street to get it done. A month or more it still is not done. Mary went ahead and ordered the pump for the system, but one of the board members was all upset because she thought that we were going to get the electricity run and spend all of our money on that and then some day we would get the aeration system to run on our fancy new outlet. WTF? Our pond would be totally covered with algea and the fish we bought will all be dead by then, but damnit we would have an outlet out by the pond.
So I was thinking about it and wondered why we could not put the pump by our house on the side. It is small and very quite. We could run some hose down to the water. We would save $1,600 for the electrician. Plus I know it is just a matter of time before some kid threw the thing in the water if it was sitting down there. Brandon the pond guy and said sure we could do that and so he came over yesterday and installed it. He ran the hose across the yard down to the water. Today I spent about five hours digging up our yard and burying the hose all the way down to the water. That turned out really well.
So I am damn tired and have 2 big ass blisters on my hands, but I feel pretty good about it. Then the president calls and asks what is up. I am thinking that he will be thrilled that SOMEBODY friggin did something. It takes a month for one of them to make a phone call and the other one can't get a news letter sent out for the last 2 months. I set up a website so that we could post news and people could contact the board via email, but nobody knows about it because she can't get the friggin news letter out that includes the info about the website. Anyhow, the president was not thrilled. He is worried about what will happen if we move. WHO THE HELL CARES. If we move it will be years and years from now. Why would it be a problem when we do anyway? And if he is so damn worried about it then when they have enough money they can pay an electrician to wire up the pump down by the pond so it can be destroyed. Or they could just go throw $3,000 right into the pond.
Christ that pissed me off. Mary was about ready to quit a while ago, but then nothing would ever have gotten done.
Why do people get on the boards if they don't give a shit and don't want to do a damn thing? It is not like it pays money, or is a really cool thing to do.
I am pissed off and going to bed now.


stove said...

Way to man up, use your brain, and save everyone a shitload of money in the process. Half the people that join committees do so to feel important and boss people around. The other half actually like planning things and getting them done.

Leo said...

That's typical of the problems that you get with these 'homeowners associations' that you get stuck with in a lot of neighborhoods. Theresa's mom has similar problems with a group on the east side of town.