Tuesday, July 24, 2007

changing of the guard.

Well my days of stopping at UI surplus are over. Back in the day they would have a Mac marked at say $50 and I would ask Brandon what he would take for it. He would say $20 and I would ask how much for 2 of them. He would say hmm.... $20 and I would get two of them. A few weeks back I stopped in and they had some G4's marked for $150 and I asked the kid with the goofy ass mohawk how much he would take for it. He said $150 like it says. He is really cool because he carries around drum sticks to let everyone know he is in a band, so he is my hero.
Today I was driving by on the way home from submitting my plans to get a permit for the new deck. They had a shit load of Mac's but they were overpriced and so I just looked around and left. But while I was there this lady came in and said she wanted to look at Mac's. Now to me if somebody says that, then they probably already know what they are but he offered his expert opinion on the subject.
there are 2 kinds of computer. Ones that run Windows and ones that run OS X
It would seem that it is actually pronounced "O S (letter)X" He is after all an expert. I guess he does not know about the millions of Linix users out there either.
She said "i know but you can do a lot of cool things on a Mac"
Captian Mohawk said: Yea if you spend three thousand dollars to get an intel Mac so it can run windows
What a dickweed. Perhaps she does not want to run friggin windows and besides you don't have to get a fully loaded Mac Pro to do it.
The whole thing pissed me off and I was leaving anyway so I walked out. But after I left I wondered why I did not call him on his stupidity. It is not like before where I had a relationship with them that I needed to maintain. Brandon was a full tilt geek. He had Mac's and Windows boxes, and a Next cube at home and knew off the top of his head what mother board and what type RAM was in any given computer. This dork has .. well...
He has drumsticks.
So it was fun but now it is over. Sadness.

This was kind of fun to watch this kid progress on the drums. RUSH at age five. SRV at age six. And wipe out at age 11. Hey, wait a minute.

A Drumming Legend In The Making - Watch more free videos

State tetris. What a great idea.

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