Sunday, July 29, 2007


Well I went to Menard's today and got the stuff to build a deck. Tomorrow I dig holes.
Yesterday I was there I was so sick of them not knowing what was going on. I got 2 doors for the project. They both open on the right side of the double door. After I found out how far the stairs come up to the second floor, I decided I better trade on in and have it open on the other side so you don't walk out and be right beside the stairs. As I was driving over there I realized that I did not grab the paperwork. I was almost there so I figured I would see if I could trade it in without it.
Guy at gate :no problem go get the one you need.
Guy at door 8: here's you door, just take this paper to millwork and they will get you fixed up.
Guy at millwork: You are good to go.
Guy at gate: Have a nice day.
Guy at gate that does not look like Jack Black: WAIT! You have to go to the desk and get papers drawn up to show the exchange.
*back up the truck and park it in the yard*
Guy at the desk. You have to go to customer service
Guy at customer service. Do you have a reciept?
Me: no, but they said I could just exchange it or I would have gone and gotten it.
Guy at customer service. Did you pay with a credit card?
Me: I don't know, my wife paid and I am not sure.
Guy at customer service. Well I will have to do a refund at the lowest sale price and the ring up the new one.
Me: Fine, I got this on sale and they are still on sale so it should all be good.
Guy at customer service: Okay, that will be $29.90.
Guy at customer service: *blank stare*
So I call Mary and she tells me it is on a credit card and I go to the damn computer thing and it prints out a reciept.
Finally I get the hell out of there with the door I wanted.

Today I delt with this kid that knew nothing at all. That is FINE. I asked this kid a question one day and he told me he was sorry that he did not know since he was new, but Ed would know and he helped me find Ed. That is great. Perfect. Everyone is new at some time, but don't just spew out crap if you don't know.
I am using this stuff that attaches to the joists so you can screw to the composit decking from the bottom. I did now know what screws to use. I was holding a Torx bit that I had gotten to take out the old steps. I asked the kid today and he said "you have a torx bit" I told him that that was for something else. He said "we have torx head screws over here" I put the bit behind my back and said "pretend you never saw this, okay?" Then he mumbled about using triple coated deck screws probably about 2" long. Christ. So I looked around the stoor for the one guy I knew actually knows stuff and he told me that there are "deck mouting screws" in isle 9 (or whatever"
Can you tell I am sick of them already?

-Thanks to big Tim, Ranger Rick, and hillbilly Tom for getting my mower running. I had the motor off of it last weekend and was going up to Big Tim's. He said bring it along. It has leaked gas for a while but now it just stopped working. I have not run it for quite a while. Big Tim cleaned the jets on the carb and replaced the fuel line. Sweet. But it still didn't work. Ranger Rick suggested I might also sand off the coil and the flywheel. I did that and turned it over once and it took off. It runs like a sumbitch now. Clean jets and good spark. But the tire always goes flat on it. I took it off and was ready to take it in and remembered hillbilly Tom saying to shoot some Slime in it. I have never heard of that stuff but tried it and it took care of it lickity-split.
-More thanks to Big Tim. I called him to see if he still had his dads post hole digger. I left a message. He called back a few hours later and I told him wud up. He started laughing. The reason he did not answer his phone is because he was up in Delhi getting the post hole digger. I was going to be thrilled to go up and get it, but they even delivered it to me today.
-I called T&M Jay to see if I could borrow a framing nailer. He comes by sometimes with woodworking stuff... like can you rip this board kind of thing. He said if I ever need anything so I took him up on it. That will be nice.

-Moving on. This is what happens when a 200 TON marine enging falls off a truck and crushes a car so hard it drives it through the cement braking water lines. Yikes!

-Here is how you crash a super-yatch 30 seconds after you launch it for the first time.

-This guy is Way too good on an etch-o-sketch. I can't make a damn circle. Stove will like the one of Andy and the gang.

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stove said...

Too bad they didn't build a Lowes or HD instead of the Menards. Better quality stuff and a higher percentage of employees who aren't dumb as mud. Menards; the Walmart of home centers.