Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just when you thought you had seen it all..

After years of trashing the Mac, John C. Dvorak actually uses a Mac for a while and finds out that they are more stable and elegant then PC's. Wow. Who knew?

It's very quiet, and it performs as well as the PC on general office applications. Generally speaking, the interface is slicker than the PC's, and you get the sense that the computer isn't about to start acting weird because of some virus, spyware, or endless Firefox loading procedure going on in the background and killing all the cycles of the computer

To me it would make sense for a journalist to actually use a product before they go and trash it for years all over the net. That's just me though.


Matt said...

Since he speaks first and then takes 20+ years to accept reality he sounds like a diehard (R).

stove said...

So I guess that even blowhard pigs can say something right once in a while. Give him a few weeks, and I'm sure he'll find something about OS X that he thinks is stupid.