Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The shootings at VT were .. I have no words for it my hearts go out to the thousands of people this will affect for years to come.
Now if we can just figure out a way to blame it on Don Imus, we will be in business. Bill O'Reilly is probably working on that right now.
It was funny listening to a bunch of media folks talking about the rise in shootings like this one. They said the the 70's there was really only one. Texas, I presume. In the 80's a few. And now it is about once a month this happens. One suggested there are too many guns. Another pointed out that for the most part there were about as many guns in the 70's as now. So then the finger started to point at video games and rap music. None of these guys stopped to think that perhaps they are part of the problem. I understand this is a HUGE news story and they need to cover it. But in 2 weeks when they have interviewed EVERY DAMN PERSON on campus and start to interview a dog that belonged to a guy that lived next door to the guy who shot those poor kids, then you will have your answer. They are just feeding our sick need to know every friggin' thing about these people so we are to blame too. But indeed they are part of the problem. They will compare it to the shootings in CO., which to this point were the #1 rated shooting event. We will keep stats on it. This really raises the bar if you want to be really famous, you are going to have to kill at least 40 now. Damn.
This shit is just wrong and I am tired of it. It is great for W' and the rest because it takes our minds off of things that really matters. Like will my brother have to go to war for the THIRD time? Will the price of gas still go up even though some friggin oil exec got a $400,000,000.00 payday last week? Will Anna Nicole's mom get visitation rights?
Okay, the last one is stupid. But before Imus, that is ALL they talked about. Then the Imus thing and everyone wanted to report that crap to death. Because as Americans we are too stupid to care about more then one thing at a time and the media will decide for us which thing it is that we care about.
I also thought that it was kind of silly for Bill O'Reilly to try to blame the dean of VT for not locking down the school after the first shooting. There are like 27,000 students there. The place is huge. The shooter is a student and has ID. WTF? So now we have THIS. OU (go sooners) locks down the campus because somebody saw a guy carring an damn umbrella.
-Some of the blogs and webpages of the victims are being linked on sites now. I have looked through a few and it makes it very real to see that these were real people with lives and loved ones, photographs, and ideas.

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