Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Al Sharpton is an idiot

That is not news I guess. But the whole Don Imus thing was interesting to me. When I first heard it I thought to myself that he needs to be fired right now. But that is partially because I don't like him, I must admit. But then when Al Sharpton chimes in demanding he be fired, it forced me to rethink my position on the whole deal. Fat Al is so full of shit and so full of himself (same thing) that whenever he spews crap I disagree with it just out of habit. He is like the ACUL. I am sure sometimes they have some lagit' issues, but I would not know since I stopped listening to their crap years ago.
And then there is this guy.

Double Standard? - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!
Nobody seems too upset about his statements. This was like 2 years ago and I never even heard about it. I saw the video on of all places. It is ironic that the good Dr. is in favor of killing all the white people on the planet, but is an opponent of the death penalty.

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stove said...

Everybody back on the boat. Africa wants you to come home.