Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am off work tomorrow. Closing on the old house. Glad to be done with that.

Fark had this one. Just the title alone is worth the click.

So I was thinking alot about the1984 spoof for Obama that has gone viral. Then today it came out who made it. After reading the article it kind of confirms what I was thinking. That the power is shifting now away from the main-stream political machine. I think that was the point he was making in that ad.
But there is also another really big issue here. It also raises accountability issues on how campaigns are run. They said in the article that some organizations are looking to hire him because he made a commercial with such impact, but he could have never done that if he worked for them. So who is to say that some party won't hire some geek under the table to make internet "user" ad's. No rules. No copyright infringement. No accountability. "they" are just expressing their opinions. So far over 2 million people have watched it on YouTube alone.
Stay tuned. I think this is going to be big.

The first kid in this video really cracked me up. Nothing like a good infant belly laugh to put a smile on your face.

OH HELL NO! School in MI bans students from having MySpace accounts. They say that 99.9% if parents support the move. If that is so, then here is another headline: 99.9% of parents in MICHIGAN SUCK ASS! Why would you wait for a school to tell your kids not to do something that you consider bad? Not to mention the fact that where does the school get off telling them what they can do at home.


Anonymous said...

"Vote different" T-Shirts

Leo said...

anonymous sucks.

I agree with your outrage about the myspace account thingy. Don't fuckhead administrators have anything better to worry about.

Leo said...

Also, kinda liking the anarchy aspect of the internet as far as it pertains to elections. Sure, some candidate will hire some rogues under the table, but so what. Outside of the copyright violations, nothing about that Hillary/Apple spoof bothered me. I thought it was really cool and well done, and to the point.

Don't worry, though. John 'I want everyone to love me' McCain will fix that soon with another round of 'campaign finance reform'.

Matt said...

Ok, hijacking another of Brent's posts for political blathering.

Leo, there are always rogues in every campaign. The "unhired" and the "hired but not connected directly because if we get busted we're screwed" types.

Wake up to Real Politik.